Project Clarity Questionnaire

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Step 1 of 6 - Introduction



In order to create a spectacular brand strategy that connects with and converts your most valuable people, we start by asking questions.

I strategically designed this questionnaire to inform the creative direction of our project.

I ask you to dig deep.

Look at your organization, market, and offerings from many different angles. It’s my goal to support you in connecting with what matters most to you with what matters most to your people.

That’s what makes success on your terms so much easier to achieve.

If you feel stuck or unable to answer a question, pause for a moment. Clear your mind and connect with how you want to feel after the project is complete.

I encourage you to approach each question with curiosity. If the answer still isn’t coming to you, skip the question and revisit it later. Sometimes other questions spark that creative “ah-ha” where you can circle back and answer it!

Your thoughtful, detailed answers will guide us throughout the project together.

When you have completed this document, I will expand on these themes and more in our first discovery meeting.

So essentially? This document is the foundation of our project.