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Lead. Gather. Relate.

Branding, Website Design, and Strategy
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Jamie Leigh Portfolio Central City Foundation
Central City Foundation

Strategy + Website Design
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Jamie Leigh Design Portfolio | Nicole Baute
Nicole Baute

Branding + Website Design
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Carmen Marshall | testimonial for web designer Jamie Leigh

“Jamie the depth of talent, know-how, and expertise you possess is unmatched. You do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it.

It’s there in every detail. And what’s shocking to me is that folks won’t ever see ALL the other things you’ve done these past 8 weeks- like give me the equivalent of a whole human in the form of automated systems that not only lessen my workload but also upholds the commitments of Lead. Gather. Relate. That right there, THAT is unique. There are lots of people who can make processes automatic, but you, you do so much more than that, you build organizations. You made it possible for me to teach MORE and write MORE. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for contributing your talent to the work.”

– Dr. Jenn McCabe, Lead. Gather. Relate.

BWSS Battered Women’s Support Services

Website Design
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Carmen Marshall
Soul Craft™

Digital Strategy, Branding, Website + Product Development
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Julie Kaminski
Healthy-Body Happy-Mind

Digital Strategy, Business Model, Branding + Website
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Carmen Marshall | testimonial for web designer Jamie Leigh

“I am so in love with our branding! Thank you so much Jamie it is so beautiful!
Websites are such a reflection of our soul + spirit and how we want to help people. Your design has so captured EXACTLY what I want our people to feel when they come to the site. You are someone who goes above and beyond, has work ethic and INTEGRITY. You’ve made my business life 1000% better, more aligned, and less stressful in so many ways.”

– Carmen Marshall, Soul Craft™

Care Matters Inc.

Digital Strategy, Branding, Website + Online Learning Platform
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Soul Co.

Digital Strategy, Branding, Website + Package Design
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Love Fundraising

Website Design
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“Jamie built much more than just a website; she really supported the development and growth of my business. I value her immensely! There is no one else I trust with my website and I loved watching the design unfold. It is beautiful and unmatched among virtual diabetes prevention programs. Jamie’s work far exceeded my expectations; she goes above and beyond for me and my businesses.”

– Dr. Cori Cooper, pharmacist and health education expert, Prescriptive Nutrition

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Jamie Leigh portfolio Ironwood Yoga Studios
Ironwood Yoga Studios

Digital Strategy, Branding, Website + eCommerce
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SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge

Digital Strategy, Branding, Website, Membership Site + Multi-Site Licensee Program Development
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Sacred Lotus Love®

Digital Strategy, Branding, Website, Product + Package Design
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“Pop the cork – time for champagne! I really love it! A simple “Thank you” doesn’t express the excitement of having a professional website! Jamie you are amazing – always adding that little extra in your design, strategy, and support.

You give a sense of security & strength that I am beyond grateful to experience.”

– Julie Kaminksi, Healthy-Body Happy-Mind Coach


Branding, Website + eBook Design
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Website Design, Lead Magnet + eCommerce
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The Collaborative with Dr. Cori Cooper

Digital Strategy, Branding, Website + Membership Site Design
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“WOW, WOW, WOW!!! The website looks awesome & feels like me… you are truly amazing at everything you do… One of the most important things for me is personal growth; thank you for walking me through this process and giving me the confidence to “get out there”. Now I really feel like I’m in business! With so much gratitude for all you have done for me… xoxo”

– Linda Bourdelaise, Board-certified Holistic Health Coach

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“Thank you so very much for your support on our websites. Your quick and careful attention is so appreciated. I’m very grateful that we get to work together.”

– Angela Marie MacDougall, Executive Director, Battered Women’s Support Services

Angela Marie MacDougal | testimonial for web designer Jamie Leigh
Bethany Schiedel | testimonial for Jamie Leigh web design and stratgey

“In my Digital Strategy Intensive with Jamie I allowed myself to dream a little bigger, even though it was a little frightening, and set larger goals for my business this year. Now I’m more efficient with my time. I’ve booked new clients further in advance because I have clear monthly goals and can see exactly when I need to start advertising and preparing to achieve those targets. I’m much more prepared, pro-active, and far less re-active.”

– Bethany Schiedel, Boutique Portrait Studio Owner

“I’m a MFA illustration major from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, AND a grandmother. So my web skills are slightly less than savvy. However, I do need to understand and interact with the World Wide Web so asking Jamie to do my site was a no-brainer. Jamie carefully walked me through the vast array of both design and technical options while we decided on groovy ideas that made my site my own. Jamie helped me feel confident about the validity of my work and brand; she also encouraged me to think about long term planning regarding my business. While working with her on my website I learned that it’s never too late to develop strong, emergent ideas!”

– Joni Taylor, Artist

Joni Taylor testimonial for Jamie Leigh
Nicole Baute | testimonial for web designer Jamie Leigh

“Jamie is so much more than a website designer. She has a huge heart and excellent powers of observation that she uses to zero in (with razor-sharp clarity) on you, your business, and your brand. She has mad skills, and she’s imaginative and super resourceful. Building a website for a business you care deeply about can be an emotional experience, to say the least. Jamie understands all that, and knows exactly how to ease her clients through it so they get the results they seek. Not generic results, either: she really takes the time to understand you and your unique goals. She’s also a patient teacher who believes in empowering her clients—she wants to help you navigate not only your own site and but also the broader online world so your business succeeds. What else could you possibly want? Thanks for everything, Jamie!”

– Nicole Baute, Story Strategist and Writing Coach

“Jamie taught me the importance of getting vocal about the things I want in my business. I didn’t realise my ideas were good until Jamie helped me voice them; now I’m doing and making the things that light me up. I have more intention with everything I do. Everything in my business feels more pointed, direct, focused, and clear.”

– Eliza Faulkner, Fashion designer, dress-maker, and fashion entrepreneur ElizaFaulkner.com

Eliza Faulkner testimonial for JamieLeigh Digital Strategist

“I give Jamie a 10 out of 10. Because she is awesomsauce. Professional, helpful, super smart, supportive and fun!”

– Leah Bosworth, Founder and Owner, Ironwood Yoga Studios

“Jamie Leigh is professional and fully committed to her craft! I’ve received many compliments regarding her work and am constantly surprised by her ability to tweak, update and manage our five websites and three membership sites. She is a valuable treasure because she intently listens and has a can-do attitude around whatever I scheme up. For years I ran a successful business with little Internet presence. Now I am able to offer my services in a personalized way that is specifically designed for my target market. If you want to work with someone who knows what they are doing and does it with class then hire Jamie. Don’t mess around with others who can’t deliver. I’ve had no regrets and feel comfortable recommending her exquisite services.”

– Dr. Paige Hunter, PhD, Founder, Real School

Dr. Paige Hunter testimonial for Jamie Leigh

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