You are independent.

    You are creative.

    You know what you want.

    You need a digital foundation that's as magnetic as you are.

    I am JamieLeigh
    Digital Strategy Designer

    About Jamie Leigh


    Hey visionary entrepreneurs, soulful innovators and ravishing risk-takers…


    It’s time to transform the way you show up online.


    You’ll love working with me if you…

    • set goals and intentions on a daily basis so that you see real progress by the end of the day
    • believe that your skills can be developed with dedication and hard work
    • invest yourself in seeing different perspectives
    • love learning and seek transformation every day
    • work on yourself regularly because you know this is the key to growth in your business
    • enjoy creating and maintaining deep relationships with others

    You’ve built a stellar business with hard work and mad skills. But your strategy doesn’t reflect your full awesomeness.

    That’s the absolute pits because you deserve the best.

    Here’s the thing not everyone realizes…

    A dynamic online presence is both a work of art and a feat of technology.

    Which happens to be something I totally dig.

    On one hand, I’m a heart-centred creative. I’ve got a degree in visual anthropology and I’m fascinated by the unique ways we express ourselves and our worldviews. I believe creativity is at the core of what makes us human—and I love humans.

    But on the other, I’m all tech. In a past life, I was a network administrator. Industrial-strength passwords and redundant backups give me goosebumps.

    I used to think those two sides of my identity were in conflict with each other. Crazy, right? Now I know the truth: like Marty and Doc, they’re way stronger together.

    So I create digital brands, strategies, and websites that are both smart AND beautiful. Just like you.

    Just take it from one of my clients:

    “I seriously LOVE your ability as a designer and digital strategist! It matters so much to me how things look and feel…and you SO get us!”
    Carmen Marshall,

    Can we talk about sequins for a sec?

    I love their freakin’ extravagance. I would wear them all the time if I could. They make me feel like I’m basking in the moonlight on top of a crazy-ass mountain.

    But you and I both know you’ve got to have substance under that gorgeous sparkle.

    Structure, strategy, heart.

    That’s why my process is thoughtful, powerful, and deep. I’m determined to ensure your digital foundation is a complete reflection of your values, style and brand. That way you’ll get a beautiful online space that enables you to develop lasting relationships with your most right people.

    Sequins aren’t everybody’s thing—they just happen to be one of mine. We’re going to figure out what makes you look and feel great, and run with that.

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    You might also like to know…

    • I learned how to listen—I mean, really listen—by running a women’s resource centre and volunteering on a crisis prevention and intervention team.
    • I live in East Van with my bearded husband and our fleet of vintage vacation vans.
    • I can recite the entire Back to the Future trilogy by heart.
    • I genuinely love satisfied customers. Making you happy makes me happy. Simple.
    I am JamieLeigh
    Digital Strategy Designer

    Digital Strategy Design Services

    transform the way you show up online

    You’re ambitious, results-oriented, and respected; you’re making it happen.

    And now that you see the next beautiful incarnation of your business on the horizon, you’re ready to accept a Big Truth about modern entrepreneurship:

    Your capacity for impact is directly related to the effectiveness of your online presence.

    Without the right digital strategy, growing your business can be slow and painful, with the final product rarely matching your ambition.

    My signature website design package is a full-service co-creation experience that begins with getting clear on your beautiful brand and ends with a completely transformed online presence that builds lasting relationships with people you want to work with.

    And that? Means mega connection, mega growth, and mega results.

    I made you this video with all the fabulous details:

    Begin pre-project discovery and get my “Let’s Get Started” guide:


    I am JamieLeigh
    Digital Strategy Designer


    All the love. I’m blushing.

    I’m consistently blown away at the amount of creative genius that each of my clients holds; it is such a pleasure to take their website dreams and design them into reality! It is, therefore, humbling to receive these kind words.

    I love my job!

    Dr. Cori Cooper testimonial for Jamie Leigh“Jamie built much more than just a website; she really supported the development and growth of our business. I value her immensely! There is no one else I trust with my website and I loved watching the design unfold. It is beautiful and unmatched among virtual diabetes prevention programs. Jamie’s work far exceeded my expectations; she goes above and beyond for me and my businesses.”
    – Dr. Cori Cooper, Founder and Executive Director, Care Matters, Inc.

    Website design kudos from Images By Bethany“I hired on the spot (probably over beer cause that’s how business meetings should always be conducted). She took my fonts, my visions, and very high expectations and created a beautiful, functional, professional piece of website art. I could not be more thrilled with it!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Jamie!”
    – Bethany Schiedel, Portrait + Wedding Photographer, Images By Bethany

    Website design kudos from Carmen Marshall, Live Well International“I am so in love with our website! Thank you so much Jamie …IT IS SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I am just staring at it IN LOVE! Websites are such a reflection of our soul + spirit and how we want to help people – and this has so captured EXACTLY what I want our people to feel when they come to the site. THANK YOU! Blissed out…”
    – Carmen Marshall, Founder, SexyFit Nutrition Challenge

    Joni Taylor testimonial for Jmaie Leigh“I’m a BFA illustration major from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, AND a grandmother. So my web skills are slightly less than savvy. However, I do need to understand and interact with the World Wide Web so asking Jamie to do my site was a no-brainer.  Jamie carefully walked me through the vast array of both design and technical options while we decided on groovy ideas that made my site my own.”
    – Joni Taylor, Artist,

    Dr. Paige Hunter testimonial for Jamie Leigh“For years I ran a successful business with little Internet presence. Now I am able to offer my services in a personalized way that is specifically designed for my target market. If you want to work with someone who knows what they are doing and does it with class then hire Jamie. Don’t mess around with others who can’t deliver. She’s the real deal. I’ve had no regrets and feel comfortable recommending her exquisite services.”
    – Dr. Paige Hunter, RealSchool

    I am JamieLeigh
    Digital Strategy Designer


    WordPress Website Design that I’m really proud of


    WordPress website design work:

    Here’s a wee portfolio of full design projects I’ve completed. Each project was created specifically with each client’s unique needs in mind. We start with an initial consultation and a thorough project discovery phase before we begin the design process. These website design projects ranged in services from WordPress website design, WordPress theme development, brand development + design, business consultation, digital strategy, logo/graphic design, premium theme customization and/or security and maintenance.

    Branding, digital strategy, website design and development by Linda Bourdelaise Annapolis, MD
    Membership training website design by Jamie Leigh SexyFit Nutrition Challenge Miami, Florida
    Wedding planner website development by Jamie Leigh Alicia Keats Vancouver, BC
    Beyond Motion Athletic Studio website design by Jamie Leigh Beyond Motion Naples, Florida
    Training eCourse website design by Jamie Leigh Real School Austin, Texas
    Photography Portfolio website design by Jamie Leigh Post Photography Vancouver, BC
    Dr. Cori Cooper website design by Dr. Cori Cooper New Orleans, LA USA
    Images by Bethany website by Images By Bethany Vancouver, BC, Canada WordPress design portfolio Revel Events Website Revel Events Vancouver, BC, Canada


    My Project Process

    My signature design service is for folks who are ready to take their online business to heights they’ve only dreamed of. I’m not interested in just selling you a website. I’m fully invested in working with you to transform the way you show up online. It’s a co-creation process: your energy, experience and ideas, plus my rockin’ ability to harness the power of the Internet.


    Once you’ve read my Getting Started Guide and completed an application, we’ll meet for a virtual coffee date to get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit. If yes, I’ll send you a quote & you’ll pay your deposit to seal the deal.


    This is where the creative magic happens. I get to know all about you, your business, and your ideal clients. We get clear on your brand, goals & objectives, strategy, and talk about look, feel, and experience.


    I create a mood board to be our project guide. Next your brand guidelines, visual assets, colour & font guides are birthed. Your new visual identity is put to work as we hash out the website specifics, sitemap, and site mock-ups.


    Next this fabulous design transforms into a living, breathing, online presence. I take all of the work we’ve completed in the first two phases and translate it into a WordPress website, eCourse, membership site and/or eBook.


    We finish off with comprehensive quality assurance testing and a documentation hand-off. So you never end up on a back road without a map or a clue.

    Begin pre-project discovery and get my “Let’s Get Started” guide: