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“Jamie built much more than just a website; she really supported the development and growth of our business. I value her immensely! There is no one else I trust with my website and I loved watching the design unfold. It is beautiful and unmatched among virtual diabetes prevention programs. Jamie’s work far exceeded my expectations; she goes above and beyond for me and my businesses.”

– Dr. Cori Cooper, Founder and Executive Director, Care Matters, Inc.

Transcend Beyond the Limits of Your Current Brand

Magnetic branding combines equal parts structure, strategy, and soul. Get Transcend, my free brand audit tool to analyze and refine your current brand, when you enter your name and email below. This interactive tool will give you the clarity you need to make real progress on your brand goals.

Can We Talk About Sequins for a Sec?

I love their freakin’ extravagance. I would wear them all the time if I could. They make me feel like I’m basking in the moonlight on top of a crazy-ass mountain.

Sequins aren’t everybody’s thing—they just happen to be one of mine.

Through my Signature Services, you’ll figure out what makes you and your business look and feel as amazing as sequins do for me.

Also: You and I both know we’ve got to have substance under that gorgeous sparkle. You want your online presence to have structure, strategy, and soul.

That’s why my strategy and design process is thoughtful, powerful, and deep. When we work together, your digital foundation will be a complete reflection of your individual values, style, and brand. Smart AND beautiful–just like you.

You’ll get a customized brand, digital strategy, and website that enables you to develop lasting relationships with your most valuable clients and customers. LEARN MORE >