Online Impact Accelerator

The creative business owner’s incubator for radical clarity. Stop spinning your wheels and start cultivating intentional traction.

Why is it that growing your business can feel like you’re spinning your wheels…

when you’re really trying to create traction?

Running your online business can be expensive, exhausting, and confusing. You encounter opinion after opinion about how it should be run. You’re being sold various (and often conflicting) marketing formulas, training programs, and miracle software on a daily basis.

With all this info, how do you know what will get you results you desire?

Here’s what I want you to know: You don’t have to work harder or spend more money to get the clarity, focus and purpose you seek.

Seriously. You don’t have to work harder, (most of my clients have unparalleled work ethics!) even though that may be your instinct. You can still work hard, but only on the things that matter.

Once you’re wildly intentional about your purpose you can invest your resources strategically.

Get radical purpose and electric focus.

Maybe you’re a jewelry designer; you’ve got an Etsy store and a strong Pinterest following. You want to start advertising but are not sure where to start.

Or maybe you’re a coach with two websites, a learning management system, all the social media platforms, and a confusingly large credit card balance.

Maybe you’re a writer and you primarily communicate with your people via your MailChimp email list and a Facebook group. You keep hearing about ConvertKit, but discover there’s a new plugin that’ll make MailChimp do what you need without having to switch providers.

Or maybe you’re so frustrated you’re about to throw in the towel and get a J-O-B.

Whatever you do and wherever you show up online there’s one thing I know:

You’ve done the work and earned your status in your chosen field; your training and experience speak for itself.

How would it feel to activate radical clarity and electric focus in your business so that you only put your energy into the things that matter?


You’ll stop building your business in an ad-hoc way and start being confident and clear in the direction you have for your business, the focus you have in your strategy and the confidence you have in your self.


You’ll have the clarity you need so that all the spaces you show up on online serve you, not the other way around.


You’ll stop making costly errors and start knowing what to invest your time, energy, and focus to in so your business’ resources can finally pay off strategically.

Jamie Leigh helped me to strategize the development and growth of our business. When I was overwhelmed with the magnitude, she stepped in and supported me and helped get me to the finish line. I value her immensely!

Dr. Cori Cooper

Founder and CEO, Care Matters, Inc

Hi. I’m Jamie Leigh. I’m equal parts heart-centered creative and brain-centered techy-nerd. I thrive at the intersection of brand development, strategy, and design.

For almost two decades it’s been my passion to support women like you to unlock their own uniqueness + combine it with smart digital strategies that get results.

Women who work with me say that I have a dynamic yet gentle way of encouraging them to do bigger things.

I’m know for being warm, enthusiastic, and supportive all while wrapping my head around technical disasters and bringing clarity to digital strategies.

Since 1996 I’ve been working online and I understand, first hand, the pain of isolation that working online can bring.

This is What We Don’t Show


The isolation that comes from spending more time looking at a screen than into the eyes of people you love.


The loneliness that wells up when we spend hours and hours fixing a tech snafu that no one but us will ever know about.


The feeling that no one else in the world sees how hard you work, how much you do, and how many decisions you make each and every day, in service of your dream.


The intense self-doubt that minimizes our worth so that our dreams and desires take a back seat.

These experiences get hidden away or pushed down even though they’re something so many entrepreneurs face.

And they’re compounded by the extra pressure that most internet marketing puts on us. Those perfectly curated images of nutritious meals, sunlit yoga sessions, and thoughtfully-designed houses can seem so far away from the messy, tangled reality of our own homes and lives.

You’re Craving Something Different:

Meet the Online Impact Accelerator

I’ve created an incubator where you can open up about the tough stuff, be held accountable, and accelerate into your true potential.

I’m so stoked to facilitate this high-touch growth opportunity, because I’ve experienced the magic of genuine community and get geeky-excited about smart digital strategies.

The Online Impact Accelerator is a space where you’ll receive meaningful support from a small, curated group of other women online business owners. Genuine, deep connection with women entrepreneurs working in the same trenches you are.

It’s in these powerful connections that real transformation can occur.

“I learned the importance of getting vocal about the things I want. I didn’t realise my ideas were good until Jamie helped me voice them; now I’m doing and making the things that light me up. I have more intention with everything I do. Everything feels more pointed, direct, focused, and clear.”

Eliza Faulkner

Fashion designer, dress-maker, and fashion entrepreneur,

We’ll work to explore the big picture view of your digital strategy so that you can:

Find radical focus,

Impact more lives,

And make more money.

… all the while not exhausting yourself or being distracted by smarmy marketing formulas.

You’ll walk away with:

A Guiding Intention

Discern where to invest your resources and precious time so you can stop feeling guilty about what you “should” do and start connecting with what works for you.

A Business Model

Clarity in your business model (that you can actually get excited about) so your offerings are aligned with your goals and you rely on making the income you want to make


2017 Strategic plan

You’ll have a structured plan for activating the results, goals, and focus you’ll need to finally break through your passion into where the results are really found

Within the framework of our incubator, I’ll support you with the tools you need to plan for the kind of success that feels good for you. You’ll have a clear picture of how you’ll create, plan, and market your offerings.

And you’ll be confident to use these tools to sustain that strategy in the future of your business.

The Details

Location: Zoom Video Conferencing

Dates: We start Tuesday, October 11th and our last meeting is December 6th. 9 weeks of working your biz out with like-minded women.

Time: 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET (recordings will be available but your attendance and participation are greatly encouraged.)

Format: The first four weeks I’ll teach a digital strategy tailored to the group’s unique goals, followed by a rapid fire Q+A. We’ll have an implementation week right in the middle so you can take everything you’ve learned and apply it to your digital strategy. Finally, we’ll have deep dive focus sessions for the last 4 weeks, giving you an opportunity to mastermind and fine tune your 2017 strategy before you implement it.

Cost: Two payments of $340 each (October 10th and November 7th).

How to join: If you’re interested I’m offering free 30 minute consultations until Friday, October 7th 2016. Why consults? Consider it an invitation, with no pressure. I want meet with you via Skype to get to know where you are at and make sure that this is the right time + fit for you. If this isn’t the right time for you that’s OK. I will be leading another group in early 2017.

– Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Start Cultivating Traction –


The Schedule


Clarity October 11th

All about business models and what they are. What is your current model (you have one!!) and what model works best for you. We’ll re-frame the stodgy business plan stereotype so you can uncover a process for crafting a uniquely creative business plan that you’ll actually enjoy.


Connection October 18th

We’ll get super clear about what is most important to you (both personally and professionally). Using my custom-designed and much-loved matrix, we will systematically investigate what you love to do and why your people love you for it. This process allows us drill down and define YOUR unique formula — and this means can stop feeling guilty about what you “should” do and start truly connecting with what works for you in your business.


Focus October 25th

Your business model is a tight, focused plan based on YOUR unique set of skills and how you want to work — not the latest marketing trend. You’ll know what you offer, how much you’ll offer it for, where you’ll offer it, and who you’ll offer it to. In other words: your products, pricing, and positioning will be SORTED.


Strategic Plan November 1st

Finally, we’ll map out exactly how you’re going to reach your newly created goals. Milestones. Tasks. Mini goals. Dates and targets. Team members. Systems. You will know what to do and when to do it over the next 3 to 12 months. You’ll know which social channels you’ll use, how you’ll use content marketing, plan your sales cycles and more.


Implementation Week November 8th

You will take the strategic plan you’ve crafted and integrate it into your business. The work we will do together is super transformational and I want you to have the opportunity to not only integrate it into your business, but then come back to the group and deep-dive on what’s working, what’s not, and how you can massage your strategy so that it performs its best for you. You won’t just listen + learn, you’ll DO. You’ll be purposeful and strategic in your integration.


Deep Dive focus session November 15th

Each Online Impact Accelerator participant will have the opportunity to deep dive with me and the group in an intensive focus session after the implementation break. We’ll examine your strategy with radical purpose and electric focus so you can cultivate intentional traction.


Deep Dive focus session November 22nd

Each Online Impact Accelerator participant will have the opportunity to deep dive with me and the group in an intensive focus session after the implementation break. We’ll examine your strategy with radical purpose and electric focus so you can cultivate intentional traction.


Deep Dive focus session November 29th

Each Online Impact Accelerator participant will have the opportunity to deep dive with me and the group in an intensive focus session after the implementation break. We’ll examine your strategy with radical purpose and electric focus so you can cultivate intentional traction.


Final Wrap Up + Deep Dive focus session December 6th

Set aside 2 hours for this Final Deep Dive focus session + Next Steps. Activate your strategic plan and commit to your most focused, optimized, and leveraged year yet. (Also, there may be happy dancing).

“Jamie has a huge heart and excellent powers of observation that she uses to zero in (with razor-sharp clarity) on you, your business, and your brand. She has mad skills, and she’s imaginative and super resourceful. Jamie knows exactly support her clients so they get the results they seek. Not generic results, either: she really takes the time to understand you and your unique goals. What else could you possibly want? Thanks for everything, Jamie!”

Nicole Baute

Story Strategist and Writing Coach,

If this isn’t the right time for you and your business, that’s cool. (I despise urgency as a marketing tactic so I won’t use it, and I only want you to be here if it will help you get results right now).

Here are some spinning-your-wheels signs that might mean now IS a good time to refocus:


You’re feeling exhausted + scattered in your business


You suspect you are wasting time + resources and start investing in substantive outcomes


You’re not getting the results that your ferocious level of work should predict


You’re resentful of people who require your time + energy


You know you’re not spending the time you want to on the important things (like creating)

That’s what your Online Impact Accelerator is about

It’s about streamlining and focusing your hard work on the things that matter so you can finally get the results you deserve.


It’s about traction


It’s about momentum


It’s about no more spinning your wheels

Sound Good?

Schedule your FREE 30 min consultation and find out if this is the right time for you


Q: So what the heck is digital strategy anyway? And what do I need it?

A: I’m glad you asked!

Business strategy is a part action planning and part accountability. It’s a focused plan that you’ll create so you can stop reacting to your business (or marketing trend or social media fad) and start proactively leading your business in the direction that feels best for you!

And Digital? I’m specifically talking about the unique tools you can use online to increase your impact as an business owner. When you design your digital strategy you get to choose what you want to create and how you’re best suited to connect with your most valuable customers.

Q: How will the Online Impact Accelerator support me and my business?

A: Our goal will be to identify the ways in which your digital strategy is built to maximize your natural effectiveness and attractiveness as a business. That often means breaking out of the conventions of your industry and finding innovative ways to offer your services that make you both more effective and a lot more comfortable.

Q: Let’s talk bottom line: I need to make more money, will the Online Impact Accelerator help me do that?

A: We will break down your offers so that you’re sure you’re not only building profit into every package but you’re offering only the products and services that you LOVE. We’ll create radical focus in your strategy so you have to do less spinning and get exactly the kinds of clients you want at the price points that really work for you.

Q: Masterminds are a buzzword right now. What makes this different?

A: In a supportive environment with 4 other women I’ll teach you skills — not tactics. We will unpack what makes YOU unique and apply that to your business. It’s all about finding opportunities and identifying unique areas of effectiveness so that your digital strategy is as optimized as possible. PLUS you get the support, experience, skills, and knowledge of 4 other amazing business owners. So if you get triggered by some smarmy scarcity marketing that lands in your inbox? You have a community of women to supportively remind you that it’s not aligned with your strategy. Bonus!

Q: Do I get any 1:1 time with you?

A: Every participant will have one opportunity to have one focus session. That means that you’ll receive specific support and solutions for your specific needs. I will not make blanket recommendations or give one-size-fits-all advice. We’ll look at the work you’ve done so far, dig deep with additional questions, and then explore what will be the best strategy for you.

Q: What if I get sick/something comes up and I can’t make all the meetings?

A: Commitment to the group is important as we will all be supporting each other.. We are forming this group based on accountability and community so I ask that you consider seriously your commitment to yourself and the other women in the group. That being said, I understand that things change and things go wrong. Life always gets a vote, so if that happens we’ll work out a solution that best fits you on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What are the dates?

A: We start Tuesday, October 11th and run through Tuesday, December 6th. We’ll meet weekly every Tuesday at 10am PDT/1pm EDT for an hour and a half via Zoom video conferencing. Each meeting will be recorded so that you can be present during our session and re-watch for note-taking later.

Q: What is the format?

A: Each session will start with a check-in. We’ll each have the opportunity to share successes, failures, and questions at the beginning of each session. Then I will present a digital strategy followed by a rapid fire Q+A. Halfway through we’ll have an implementation week where you can integrate the skills you’ve learned. Finally, in the last half of our workshop we’ll have a deep-dive focus session each week. You’ll have opportunities to integrate the new skills that you learn and apply them to both your business and your fellow participants business’ through the collaborative nature of our hangouts. I love community and collaboration, so this will be a safe space where all questions are welcomed!

Q: Why an implementation week?

A: Because the work we will do together is super transformational and I want you to have the opportunity to not only integrate it into your business, but then come back to the group and deep-dive on what’s working, what’s not, and how you can massage your strategy so that it performs its best for you. No kicking you outta the nest here. It’s all about purpose, clarity, and intentional support.