Change is good

by | Jan 8, 2014 | News

New Year, New Site.

Happy 2014, friends and followers! I’m really excited about all the goodness that this year has in store, both personally and professionally.

Professionally, I’ve spiffed up my website, added new monthly service & maintenance packages, and started blogging. What do you think?

I am most excited about getting back into blogging and feel that my WordPress Wink will be a great resource for you. Folks ask me a lot of questions about WordPress. What is it? What is a theme? What’s a widget? Post vs. Page, vs., etc. The word “WordPress” gets thrown around a lot on the internet these days but many people have no idea what it is or how it can help them.

I hope to answer these questions and more in my blog.

It is my goal to become a wee little resource of WordPress Wisdom for folks out there who are thinking of switching to WordPress, trying to manage their own sites, or contemplating a new website design project! I am passionate about showing you the tools you need to manage as little or as much of your website as you wish! I do offer professional packages, but this content is my gift to you!

Speaking of gifts, 2013 was full of them.

I was blown away by the caliber of folks I got to work with throughout the year – it was’s most successful year yet! Personally, my year was full of gifts as well, culminating is the best gift of all: on December 13th, I married the love of my life. In the spirit of gratitude, I would really love for 2014 to be my year of giving back. Starting with this blog.

So on that note, I’d love to hear from YOU! What are some of the biggest problems that you face with your WordPress site? What really scares you about the WordPress CMS? Is there anything that you would like to learn more about? Just ask in the comments and I’ll answer your question in a future Wink!