Headway Themes Migration

Is your website using the Headway framework?

It's time to start thinking about a new solution.

Headway is no longer being supported by it’s developers; you’ll need to migrate soon. Complete your project planner and schedule a free consultation.

The Backstory

Headway offered more flexibility and customization than a traditional theme

Headway Themes has been the best of three major theme frameworks since 2010. As an industry standard they were highly recognized and embraced by the WordPress community.

As more theme frameworks have been developed the Headway founders/owners were unable to keep up with the market using their pricing model. They got burned out trying to keep up with support and stopped releasing updates.

Yet the framework they built was so good that it kept ticking along with no problems, even with WordPress core and plugin updates.

As with all things tech, updates and patches must be regularly released or security issues, plugin conflicts, site errors, and outages happen. Not fun.

The Solution

To mitigate loss, I’ve got a GREAT solution for you.

If you haven’t experienced any plugin incompatibilities with the Headway framework yet, awesome! You are one of the lucky ones. The sooner you change your theme the less likely you are to experience any negative consequences.

It’s just like a leaky roof on a house or a five-year-old pair of running shoes. Could be OK for the right now, but you need to upgrade soon.

Because the worst is when you’ve got to do an emergency repair which will cost more than just dollars.

Headway Migration

Three Flexible Options

Migrate your website from Headway to a stable, supported, and even easier to use theme. I’ll run a full backup, create a new child theme, design each page and post just like it was on Headway, and perform comprehensive testing on your site before we go live.

The packages above are for standard websites: if you’ve got membership, e-commerce, or advanced automation systems, or would like a full re-design, let’s talk about creating a custom package that works for YOU.

Get Started

Start by filling out a short project planner, then schedule your free no-commitment consultation. If we decide Headway Migration is the right fit for you, I’ll send you our contract and you’ll return it, signed, with full payment to seal the deal.

Full website backup so you have 100% peace of mind.
Child Theme Development so your them customization is saved when you update.
Theme Customization making every bit of your new theme as fabulous as your old one.
Page and post integration so that your content looks, feels, and connects just as good as it used to.

Custom how-to video so you know how to use your new theme.