You’ve got a fabulous website, on point visuals, a magical message,

and kick-ass skills to back it all up.

Now what?

You did the right thing. You took the first step. You hired someone to assemble your essential, fabulous online presence…

Now you need a plan. A business plan plus a solid, achievable digital strategy.

Because without one, here’s what happens: in essence, you’ve been kicked outta the nest. Everyone’s just hoping you’ll figure out how to fly.

I want more for you. I want to make sure you have the business tools you need to succeed..

I believe – and I know this from direct, professional experience – that when we struggle to turn our beautiful websites into booming businesses (and this happens a lot) it’s often because there’s a disconnect between our digital brand presence and our current business model.

It’s not you. You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s just a disconnect.

When that disconnect happens, even the smartest biz owners don’t get the potential return on investment that their stunning custom websites can yield.

And that makes me super sad.

Because it’s so needless.

I know this from hard-won experience. I see it happen over and over again and, more importantly, I support the women entrepreneurs I work with to fix it.

Since 1996 I have been supporting folks online. I’ve had my ear to the ground and my feet in the arena. I know what works online and what doesn’t. After two decades in the online biz, I can quickly predict when a strategy is just a trend that’s adding to the market noise or whether it will legitimately support your business goals.

On top of my experience creating stellar custom websites, I am a certified Quiet Power Strategy™ Strategist. This means I’m trained – deeply – to support online business owners like you to create your personalized, strategic plan to increase your impact in the marketplace. And after all of this, the single most important thing I KNOW is that a cookie-cutter approach to business never works.

Good news! You’re anything but cookie-cutter.

My Digital Strategy Intensives use a combination of the Quiet Power Strategy™ tools and the exercises I’ve developed over my career of working with women both on- and offline.

Your Intensive is a super-focused, highly customized program where we will create a badass plan that you can get excited about…

…and use to truly propel your business forward.

This is what we will accomplish in your Digital Strategy Intensive:

    • Clarity. Together, we’ll examine your current business model to see what works and what doesn’t. You’ll get radically clear on which of your activities and offerings are dragging you down, robbing you of precious mental space, and taking up more time in your schedule than you need to give them. We’ll then make space for the products or services that light you up and fuel your profits. Getting clarity means editing your products, services, and digital commitments so that you are free to create, live, and earn more. (Which is exactly what you intended when you started this business in the first place!)
    • Connection. Now we’ll get super clear about what is most important to you (both personally and professionally). Using my custom-designed and much-loved matrix, we will systematically investigate what you love to do and why your people love you for it. This process allows us drill down and define YOUR unique formula — and this means can stop feeling guilty about what you “should” do and start truly connecting with what works for you in your business.
    • Focus. Next, we’ll make a tailor-made business model plan. Your business model is a tight, focused plan based on YOUR unique set of skills and how you want to work — not the latest marketing trend. You’ll leave the nest knowing what you’ll offer, how much you’ll offer it for, where you’ll offer it, and who you’ll offer it to. In other words: your products, pricing, positioning and marketing will be SORTED.
    • Strategy. Finally, we’ll map out exactly how you’re going to reach your newly created goals. Milestones. Tasks. Mini goals. Dates and targets. Team members. Systems. You will know what to do and when to do it over the next 3 to 12 months. You’ll know which social channels you’ll use, how you’ll use content marketing, plan your sales cycles and more.
    • Reality. Let’s be real. Things change and things go wrong. Life always gets a vote, so what I do that not a lot of other strategists do is help you prepare a back-up plan so you can pivot when you need to. Because if your plan plan requires that the stars and planets align and the wind is at your back…well then, it’ll never work. And I want your business and your business plan to work, no matter what. So we’re going do what most people and businesses don’t do: we’re going to plan for the inevitable ‘no matter what’.

This is flight training. It’s business wings. Your Digital Strategy Intensive will equip you and your business to soar.

You’ll stop being overwhelmed.

You’ll start following your own strategy.

You’ll work in a way that aligns with what makes YOU and your business so unique (not the latest social media fad or so-called step-by-step secret formula that seems to be making the most noise!).


Eliza Faulkner testimonial for JamieLeigh Digital Strategist“I learned the importance of getting vocal about the things I want. I didn’t realise my ideas were good until Jamie helped me voice them; now I’m doing and making the things that light me up. I have more intention with everything I do. Everything feels more pointed, direct, focused, and clear.” – Eliza Faulkner, Fashion designer, dress-maker, and fashion entrepreneur.


Here’s how to get started (and the first module is free!):

    • Enter your name and email below to get your first exercise free. Your very first task is designed to help you discover if this is the right time and the right fit for you.
    • If it IS the right choice for you, I commit to getting back to you within 48 hours with all the logistics — instructions on how you can pay for your program, sign the contract + schedule our Skype dates, all in one easy-peasy step.
    • After that, I’ll send you your next exercise so you can continue you building momentum towards kick-ass clarity in your business.
    • I’ll review all your contributions and train my focus on your business + vision. I’ll apply my professional digital strategist experience to your enterprise.
    • We’ll meet for a deep-diving 90-minute Skype strategy session. You’ll emerge with tasks to complete.
    • In two weeks we’ll meet for your second 90-minute Skype strategy session. Again you’ll have homework and tasks to complete. You’ll also have recordings of all of our calls to refer back to PLUS your solid strategic plan.
    • Within the month, we’ll meet for a 30 minute Skype check-in session to keep you on track and answer any questions that may have come up during your implementation period.

I call this an intensive for a reason. It is intense work.

And done well, it works.

Here’s what I know: our businesses are deeply personal and intricately connected to who we are and how we want to live.

Throughout your intensive I create the space, guidance, and support you need so that you can truly integrate the work we do.

It’s mining. It’s excavation. It’s construction.

And you’re going to come out of it ready to soar.

Images By Bethany“In my Digital Strategy Intensive I allowed myself to dream bigger, even though it was a little frightening, and set larger goals for my business. Now I’ve booked new clients further in advance because I have clear monthly goals and can see exactly when I need to start marketing to achieve those targets. I’m much more prepared, pro-active, and far less re-active.” – Bethany Schiedel, Boutique Portrait Photography.


Your investment for a Digital Strategy Intensive is $900 USD.

Here are results that some of the women I’ve worked with have achieved:

    • Doubled her revenue from last quarter
    • Eased the time-crunch and freed up more space in the week for living her life
    • Increased capacity by adding valuable team members
    • Removed product lines and streamlined production
    • Focused marketing efforts by removing social channels that weren’t aligned

For some women, the goal is to work less and free up time for living. Other women want to significantly increase their income. Whatever your personal goals are, we’ll develop custom business model and plan to transform your dreams into your daily reality.

This is about achieving YOUR goals

in a way that works for YOU.

Is this what you’re looking for? Ready for?

Raise your virtual hand (hi there!) by signing up with your name and email below. Right away, you’ll get your first exercise free.

You’ll be glad you did.

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