Nicole Baute

Project Deliverables:

  • Visual brand asset refresh
  • Website Design + Development
  • Digital Strategy Consultation
  • Email List Strategy + Design
  • Quality Assurance

Write Your Way to Your Dreams

As a writing coach, strategist and editor, Nicole works with independent folks who dare to live differently. They’re coaches, consultants, health practitioners with creative streaks, and aspiring writers with day jobs.

When Nicole reached out to me in, this was the second time I worked with her. Nicole’s previous branding + website was about 5 years old and no longer reflected where she was at with her business. There was a gap between her online presence and her new vision and offerings.

I was ecstatic to work with Nicole on this re-brand and website re-design. Our video Zoom meetings were bright and early for me and late night for her as she is living in India right now, but what a treat! Nicole is an articulate, gentle soul whose values I adore.

I’m so happy with the result; a gorgeous, user-friendly, and resource-rich website that is a true reflection of Nicole, her clients, and the good work they do together.

Branding website design | Jamie Leigh
“Jamie is so much more than a website designer. She has a huge heart and excellent powers of observation that she uses to zero in (with razor-sharp clarity) on you, your business, and your brand. She has mad skills, and she’s imaginative and super resourceful. Building a website for a business you care deeply about can be an emotional experience, to say the least. Jamie understands all that, and knows exactly how to ease her clients through it so they get the results they seek.

Not generic results, either: Jamie really takes the time to understand you and your unique goals. She’s also a patient teacher who believes in empowering her clients—she wants to help you navigate not only your own site and but also the broader online world so your business succeeds. What else could you possibly want? Thanks for everything, Jamie!”

– Nicole Baute, Writing coach, strategist and editor

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