When you give yourself the space to heal…

by | Nov 24, 2015 | News

I’m finishing up a bit of hiatus and wanted to give you all a quick update!

Good news, the surgery went well! Although my path to healing has been slow, I’m super optimistic and have the best resources available to me. I feel blessed.

After I returned to work I realized a few things.

When you build a goals-based online business with systems and strategies to support you, everything won’t implode if you get sick and have to stop working for a while.

At the height of my illness, I was really nervous about taking time off. I thought my business might completely dry up, the community I’d nurtured would wither away, and I’d have to get a j-o-b again.

Instead the opposite happened.

The time I took off was not only healing for my body but it was healing for my business. I unintentionally gave my business space it needed to make more money. I unintentionally gave myself space to dream, space to plan, and space to fall in love with what I do again. The result? I’ve had my most successful months so far.

How? I stopped screaming about how busy I was. I started saying “yes” to the universe and “no” when I wanted to.

I stopped letting my to-do list direct my day: instead, my goals, strategies and systems guided me gently when I had the energy.

New clients were on-boarded and credit card payments were processed automatically. I had meaningful conversations, created gorgeous websites, and started building a deep strategy for 2016.

As business owners and entrepreneurs things (and by things I mean tasks, commitments, and niggly to-dos —  that 80% of the work we do in a day) often feel more important than they actually are. And that’s why goals and strategies are so freaking wicked. If you’ve got the right systems in place, you’ll be able to step back and allow your business the space it needs to grow.

Over the next couple months I’m continuing to create space in my business to allow my goals guide my days rather than being noosed by my to-do list. Expect to hear from me on a delightfully intermittent basis as I continue to design fabulous online presences and cook up some new digital strategy opportunities that will be available in January.

OH — and if you’re interested in booking my signature branding + website design service, I have an opening in March! Apply to work with me here.

So there you have it, my wee little update. In a nutshell, I’m healing and so freakin’ grateful for all your support.