Launching Something New? Be Curious, Not Reactive

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Strategy

Dear Amazing Human Being Who’s Trying Really Hard to Grow Your Online Business,

If something’s “off” in your business right now, your launching sales are slow, or you feel like you’ve been throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks for too long — I see you and empathise.

This is a love letter to you and an invitation to de-escalate the pressure you’re currently placing on yourself.

When things aren’t working, let’s not place blame—on yourself or anyone or anything else. That’s not a space from which you can create solutions.

If you’ve just sent that launch email or shared a new lead magnet or announced a new program, and six hours later, you’re thinking about adding a new bonus, creating a new pop-up, or making the graphics bigger, pause.

Don’t let yourself react to things you can’t control.

Pause. Then, get curious.

Start by reaching out to someone in your community who you created this new thing for. Ask them about their experience of your offering—what does it make them want to do? How does it make them feel? Take copious notes. Listen for when they tell you something that hits intuitively.

If you’re still feeling unsettled, connect with a peer you trust—someone from your mastermind or another community. Ask for their feedback, or tell them that you simply need someone to vent to.

Shit happens. Let’s be real. Things change and things go wrong. Life always gets a vote, and everything going perfectly smooth and according to plan as, well, a semi-miracle.

That’s why I build a pre-mortem into every digital strategy plan I make, so that when things don’t go according to plan (because they never do), instead of busying yourself tweaking your website, changing a line here or there, making a button bigger, removing an offering or adding in more bonuses that may not be congruent with your offer…

You’ll know what to do when the inevitable comes up, and take action free from blame or judgment.

It’s about being prepared and proactive, rather than reactive, as a compassionate strategy for your online business success.


P.S. Let’s make a plan and do pre-mortems for your upcoming launches together, so that you can take the pressure off yourself.


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