23 blogs I visit when I’ve got questions

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Strategy

With over 3 billion people on the internet, there’s a tremendous amount of information published every single day—which is incredible! But how do you decide what to read, which blogs to follow, where to invest your education budget, and who to trust?

When you want to learn how to optimize an image for search engines, for example, you can just ask Google and Google will return a million different results. But how do you find reputable resources?

These are some of my favourite go-to resources that I’ve found over the years through trial and error. And by go-to, I mean I visit these sites several times per week.

Whether you want to learn social media marketing, how to be a successful freelancer, or best practices for video editing, I’ve got you covered. 


Paul Jarvis: Paul is a best selling author and webdesigner. His Creative Class is hands-down, the best educational investment I’ve made yet. If you’re a freelancer, you should take his course.
Buttercup: Vari at Buttercup Ink is a fellow freelancer who is not only passionate about design, but also about supporting other freelancers so that they to can stop the feast-or-famine work cycle.
Being Boss: I LOVE how Kathleen and Emily share all their business bits (funny, inspiring, serious, and everything in between) with such raw vulnerability. It’s a rad podcast and I always learn something new.
NuSchool: Great blog to check out when you want a bit o’ inspiration for your freelancing biz.



The Moz Blog: Super informative and interesting blogs that break down SEO best practices, tips, and tools. Simply.
Yoast: I heart Yoast. A lot. Install the Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin then follow this blog so that you can learn a thing or two. I know I do every time I visit the site!!
Nathalie Lussier: Nathalie has a knack for making super-intimidating topics seem simple and easy to understand. Including search engine optimisation.



Sucuri: The folks at Sucuri are so awesome. The blog offers informative alters + tips, plus their software is out of this world.
iThemes: With blog posts, eBooks, webinars, and plugins, iThemes makes WordPress security + education a solid part of their business.
WordPress: Yes, WordPress is also a super helpful resource for learning about security. Check out the codex as well as the community.



Skillshare: Learn all sorts of stuff like typography, branding, storytelling, and more including lots of amazing design classes from folks with James Victore, Mary Kate McDevitt, and Aaron Draplin to name a few
Creative Live: Well, Creative Live is really awesome for learning lots of stuff, but I use it to learn about design a lot as well. Think classes on Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, Pattern Design, Colour, Infographics, Poster Design… you get it.
Lynda: Lynda’s been on my educational list since the late 90s (I just aged myself) when I was first learning Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I love what Lynda’s become


Writing, Content & Marketing

Sparkline by Fizzle + The Fizzle Show: Formally Think Traffic, The Fizzle Show “is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders who want to earn a living doing something they care about.” At times the guys at Fizzle can get a little off track, but the show is super funny and so very informative. Listen when you’ve got an hour to spare going for a walk or in the car.
Story Factory: Tips on all things writing + small biz. Get clarity, learn writing tricks, and even get weekly writing prompts from former journalist and current copy coach extraordinaire, Nicole Baute.
Tara Gentile: Creator of the Quiet Power Strategy and the customer perspective map, Tara is a wizard when it comes to finding out what you want to do, who you want to do it for, and how you want to talk to them about it. Brilliant!
The Middle Finger Project: Smart. Sassy. Grammatically correct. Ask + team always make me chuckle and re-read my blog posts, contracts, and emails for clarity and brevity.
Marie Forleo: Self-proclaimed marketing nerd and thought leader, Marie Forleo’s blog and weekly “Q&A Tuesdays” offer up great advice on content and marketing.



Video Brewery: an online marketplace that connects projects to video freelancers, Video brewery’s blog is full of awesome tips + tricks plus best practices of video production.
Reel SEO: Don’t let the ugly site design deter you. This blog is super valuable and has lots of great stuff to learn from.


Social Media

Buffer: Not only is the BufferApp simply the coolest, but the Buffer blog is a super helpful, informative industry leader.
B2 Online Media: Brooke Ballard + team are awesome sauce (and they use that word a lot). They are all about starting a conversation, not a campaign, and for that I totally dig the B2 crew. Take a look at the blog and get on the 30 day Facebook engagement challenge. It’s a totally valuable resource!
Laura Roeder: LKR social media offers tips, tricks, and best practices to help your social media presence thrive!

I love sharing resources like this because I want you to engage and thrive online.