Blogging Tip: Be Consistent

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Strategy

One of the most important blogging tips I can share is to release content regularly.

As a marketing tool, your blog can connect with your right people, deliver awesome value, strengthen existing customer relationships, position you as an expert, and so much more.

So how often should you blog?

That answer depends on your profit model, your target market, and a whole bunch of other factors. But the bottom line? Whether you choose to blog bi-weekly or daily, make sure you are consistent with your schedule.

So, let’s say the creative muse cozies up next to you one week and the posts are just flowing from your heart through your fingertips onto the keyboard. Writing is amazing. It feels so good. And you’re on a roll.

That’s super awesome!!!

Here’s a blogging tip: hold on to those posts, edit them, get them ready to release to the world, and schedule them. Resist the urge to publish too many blog posts in a short amount of time. Your folks are not used to that schedule so it can be overwhelming and they’ll end up not reading your wicked content – bummer!!

Conversely, if you’re not feeling it, continue to write every day – if you stop, you get outta the flow and it’s super hard to get back into it. So even if it’s a sentence, or a free-flow, or crap that’s never going to see the sunshine outside of your journal, write. Write every day.

Bonus: if you’ve kept a bank of great blog posts that you’ve written in the past, you can use those in the times where you’re not feelin’ it. Because if you stop being consistent and releasing content? People loose interest. Simple.

Helpful plugin alert:

The Editorial Calendar plugin can help you with all sorts of organisation. I love it so much because it is in a great visual calendar format AND it lives within WordPress (my favourite part of the plugin).

No more scrambling to figure out if you’ve scheduled a post for next week – it’s all available to you in a handy graphical calendar layout! I created a quick video for you that shows you how to install and use the plugin:

Now it’s YOUR turn. How often do you blog? What keeps you inspired and do you have any special tools that make your workflow easier?