Cover your assets

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Strategy

I work primarily with small business owners.

Inspirational women entrepreneurs who bravely blaze forward, building fabulous online businesses.

On their own.

I’m also a small business owner. An entrepreneur. And this business building thing? It’s incredibly rewarding, and an incredibly overwhelming undertaking.

As entrepreneurs we spend a lot of time racking our brains to figure out how to build our business while juggling family/community commitments.

So those terrifying things like contracts, agreements, terms, privacy policies, disclaimers, and all the other things a small business owner needs? They are so horrifyingly intimidating that we… ignore them.

While we want to do things right, we TOTALLY don’t want to spend our time learning how to be a lawyer, either. Gag me, right?!?! We just want to get the information we need to take care of the legal stuff correctly and quickly so we can get back to doing the work we love.

Enter my saving grace (it could be yours, too): Small Business Bodyguard.

This is THE tool I use in my own business and I want to share it with you, because sharing is caring, after all. Wink.

Small Business Bodyguard is for anyone who is:

  • Starting a business.
  • Selling something online.
  • Selling something offline.
  • Running a website.
  • Pitching services.
  • Writing eBooks.
  • Launching products.
  • Hiring web designers(like me!!)/copywriters/VAs/interns/contractors.
  • Collaborating with others.
  • And selling anything to anybody. (Even if it’s an innocent little PDF and your sister is your only customer. So far.)

If this is you, then get Small Business Bodyguard!

One of my favorite things about Small Business Bodyguard is that it include TEMPLATES! Yup. Copy-and-paste contracts that you can use for your business, plus templates for the oh-so-important privacy policy and terms of services pages on your website.

PLUS? The material isn’t like reading a law textbook – in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s super user-friendly and a bit laugh-out-loud hilarious. I promise there is no mind-numbingly boring legalese you have to worry about. Just straight forward information that is sure to help you cover your ASSets—and actually enjoy it.

Check it out here to see what I mean and get an awesome free resource to get you started.