You Are the Secret Formula You’ve Been Looking For

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Strategy

You’re an ambitious, results-oriented woman who has so much to offer the world with your business.

In fact, the sum total of all your experience, both from operating your business and from your life before and outside of your business, is what makes you, well, YOU.

You may feel stifled by the idea that there is a specific mold you have squeeze yourself into in order to make your business successful. (I know I’ve felt that before!)

Do you ever feel that you can’t rely on your own experience because something else has developed a strategy or business-building method that you think you should be listening to?

Do you suspect that you’re missing out on some elusive secret formula to operating a business that brings you exactly what you want, be it money, meaning, or recognition?

The truth is there is no elusive secret formula. So you can stop looking right now.

YOU are that elusive secret formula you’ve been looking for!

There are actually only three things you need to be focusing on in order to have a successful business. That’s right, just three! Ah, sweet relief.


The three things to focus on when building your business:

  1. Who you want to work with
  2. The problem you want to solve for them
  3. How you’re going to solve this problem

Let’s go into detail on each of these elements…

Who do you want to work with?

Many clients come to me trying to be a 12-armed solution for everyone. Attempting to be a human octopus frequently just leads you to a path where you’re broke, overwhelmed, and burnt out.

I recently had lunch with a woman business owner who is literally making less than $2 an hour producing her physical product because she wants it to be accessible. She’s working 14-hour days, seven days a week, not sleeping, and, you guessed it, super sick all the time. I asked her: “Is this what you envisioned when you started your business?”

It’s essential to get clear on your Most Valued Customer. Right now. This is the customer who will (importantly) pay your rates and who:

  •       You absolutely loooooove working with.
  •       Is ready to work with you.
  •       Will benefit from what you have to offer right now.
  •       Will do the most good with the work you’ll do together.

Forget about pleasing everyone because when you try to do that, you’ll end up pleasing nobody.

What problem are you going to solve for your Most Valued Customer?

Inherent in this question is solving a singular problem. This doesn’t mean you won’t solve more than one problem for them with your offerings.

It does mean that by intentionally focusing on one primary challenge your customer is currently facing, you’ll gain focus with your messaging, marketing, and sales efforts.

Focus on how your special offering and approach can make someone’s life better. Bonus points for articulating a problem you can solve for your Most Valued Customer right now (not just at a later date after they’ve purchased your product or service and done the work).

How do YOU want to solve this problem?

It’s a virtual smorgasbord out there in terms of ways you can solve someone’s current challenge.

When selecting the method for solving your customer’s problem, I see too many women “should-ing” all over themselves instead of getting quiet and listening to their own bodies.

How does it feel to do a webinar? How does it feel to record an audio blog post? How does it feel to draw and illustrate your strategic plan instead of write it?

Pretending that feelings don’t belong in business ignores the vast wisdom our bodies and intuition hold.

We’ve all got different ways of knowing, understanding, and doing. When you embrace the way that comes most naturally to you, you’ll see more significant results.

So before you look outside yourself to the experts for a secret formula, try figuring out these three things for yourself.


YOU are the expert at creating your business.

P.S. Want expert guidance on how to nail these three elements of your business, and put them to use in a strategic plan? Learn more about working with me here.

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