I’m pleased to share my most recent mood board with you today. This one is for Dr. Cori Cooper, a certified pharmacist, diabetes educator, and health coach. Dr. Cori helps her target market live life with ease, connection, freedom, and health through her online coaching programs at CoriCooper.com, which we just launched this morning!
Mood board for CoriCooper.com created by JamieLeigh.com

I completed a full re-branding and website design which effectively portrays the new image of the CoriCooper.com brand and speaks to her target market with impact. Both brand and website inspires the target market to engage and connect with Dr. Cori.


And here is her brand style guide:

Brand Guidelines for CoriCooper.com by JamieLeigh.com

This was an extremely fun mood board to create as Dr. Cori has a unique brand and personality. We really connected from project start and had a blast working through all our branding exercises together!

Congratulations on the launch of your new website, Dr. Cori! I wish you all the success.