Free resource from a documentation nerd

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Strategy

Have you ever needed to renew your domain name only to forget who your registrar is? How about find out your website was down only to realise you had no idea who to contact to get it back online?

Have you ever hired someone to work on your website only to have the project delayed because you needed to hunt down all your usernames and passwords?

I’ve got a solution for you!

I’m stoked to share my newest free resource with you: it’s an interactive PDF where you can record all your website-related information and save it in one place. I know, a bit nerdy, eh? But also super handy.

Free resource from a documentation nerd

Just right click here to download the file, save it on your computer, and then fill out the interactive fields. That’s it. Next time you’re in panic mode you can relax knowing that you planned ahead.

PS: Don’t share this file with anyone; keep it in a safe, secure place. If you must share with a webdesigner/etc, do so safely. Like through a service that uses a two step verification and SSL encryption like Amazon Web Service, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

BONUS POINTS: After you record all your information in the document, make reminders for yourself in your calendar app for the renew dates of your domain name, hosting account, and any other service related to your online presence that needs to be renewed!