Moody Monday | Holiday Spirit

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Inspiration

This year I got bit by some interesting holiday spirit super, duper early.

It may have been because I work with a lot of you American folks, so all the talk of Thanksgiving made me stoked for “the holidays”, or it may have been that I’m feeling physically better than I have in years, or it may be both. At any rate, I’m SO into the holidays this year. I’ve been baking, spending time with friends, taking care of myself — a lot, lighting candles every day, and generally making merry.  My tree even went up before December 1st this year. But I’m not involved in gift exchanging for the first time in a while and I haven’t committed to many of the holiday obligations that usually make me groan and think up of all the excuses.

And you know what? That’s totally cool with me.

This holiday season has been extra long, but extra full of connections with my beloved community. Deep, thoughtful planning for the year to come. Extra long periods of unplugged-ness. A softness and an ease that feels just right. And I’m so stoked for what the next year has to offer.

So here’s a mood board that has been inspired by my holiday spirit. Enjoy.

My holiday spirit