Plugin review | Coming Soon Pro

by | Apr 29, 2015 | WordPress Tutorials

Another one of my favourite plugins that I have in my toolbox is Coming Soon Pro by SeedProd. Now this is a paid plugin, but SeedProd also has a free version of the plugin available, Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode.

This plugin is fabulous for when you don’t have a website yet or are first building a website and want to start building your list. It connects to most of the email marketing providers out there and makes it easy for your new audience to share the excitement of your impending launch.

In this video, I’ll show you how to install and configure Coming Soon Pro.

Here’s the most notable differences between the pro and free versions:

  1. You can set a secret URL for folks to bypass the Coming Soon page (when you’re conducting user testing, for example)
  2. If you’re logged in to WordPress, you’ll view the site as normal, without the Coming Soon page.
  3. You get support from John the developer of the plugin. And he’s super nice.
  4. Use Google Fonts or Typekit
  5. Integrate Google Analytics
  6. Social sharing options
  7. Option to capture first + last name
  8. and so much more…

I hope you enjoyed this how-to video of my favourite coming soon plugin, SeedProd Coming Soon.