How to set up a MailChimp autoresponder

by | May 6, 2015 | Strategy

MailChimp autoresponders (or automation sequences) are an ah-maze-ing way for you to nurture relationships with your people. You can do that by on-boarding new users that opt-in to your email list, delivering educational content like an e-course or sending them a cute little note after they’ve been on your list for a year.

You can go even further and tell MailChimp to email a subscriber after they’ve clicked a link you’ve sent them. Cool, huh?

We’re bombarded with so much digital content from different brands that our decisions on what to buy and from whom boil down to one simple thing: relationships. Research shows that we need to consume five pieces of content on average before we trust a brand enough to purchase their product or service. A MailChimp autoresponder, or automated nurture sequence, can help build trust by communicating with new clients before they purchase.

In MailChimp, there are two different kinds of automation sequences that you can set up. The first kind of sequences are triggered by an action, the other kind is triggered by a date. You’d want to use the date-triggered automation sequence to automatically send folks emails on important dates, like a Happy Birthday message, or a renewal reminder message. Use an action-based automation sequence to send educational content, like an online course, follow up on a purchase, or welcome new subscribers.

So why don’t we get started and set up a typical nurture sequence, with five emails, that welcomes new users to your list while delivering awesome value. This gives them a chance to get to know you (and enjoy those five trust-building pieces of content) before they purchase your awesome products or services.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to set up an action-based automation sequence in MailChimp.

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