Anakha Coman

Project Deliverables:

Branding a DEI Leadership + Embodiment Coach

  • Strategic Brand Discovery
  • Logo + Identity Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Brand Asset Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website Design + Development
  • Product order form system
  • SEO + Website Analytics

Anakha’s vision is to inspire and nurture a collective re-connection to the awe and wonder of life through relationship, nature and creative expression.

When she contacted me, she had a thriving Corporate DEI Consultation business and was ready for MORE.

Anakha wanted a website and a visual identity that would not only reflect her new vision but also let potential clients get to know her and inquire about services online.

We felt a connection immediately and our co-creation experience was so incredible.  

Our first step in brand strategy was to discover, research, and document her brand audience, goals, ethos, and market differentiators via thorough research and curated questions in strategy sessions over 4 weeks.

When we finished this brand design process, Anakha had a robust brand strategy and visual identity including colours, typography, logo suite, illustrations and photographic treatments.

I documented Anakha’s brand strategy in a 33 page brand guide, complete with positioning statement, brand attributes, archetype, audience profiles, colours, typography, and more.

Brand strategy and guidelines for Anakha Coman by Jamie Leigh

“Thank you Jamie for who you are and how you be and all your enthusiasm, celebration and mad skills. You and your creative process are joyful and make this emergence flow.

I am grateful; your work is astoundingly beautiful and impactful. Everything looks stunning! thank you so much oxo.”

–Anakha Coman, DEI and Embodiment Coach,

Anakha Coman
Branding and web design portfolio | Jamie Leigh

With brand strategy and visual asset design in place, it was time to bring Anakha’s brand to life online.

I emphasized Anakha’s brand pillars in this design: Love, Truth, Beauty, Magic, Joy, and Freedom. The website combines vibrant colours from her design system with expressive portraits of her that illustrate her brand personality.

Anakha Coman optin landing page design on an iPad
The result is a a fully flushed out brand strategy with a cohesive design system that is congruent across multiple channels.
Anakha Coman brand strategy and design mockup

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