GAATW Canada

Project Deliverables:

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women Canada

  • Strategic Brand Discovery
  • Logo + Identity Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Brand Asset Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website Design + Development
  • Library custom post type development
  • SEO + Website Analytics

Since 1996, GAATW Canada has addressed trafficking issues and networked with women’s, 2SLGBTQAI+, sex work, and labour organizations locally and globally.

GAATW Canada is a member organization of GAATW, an alliance of over 105 non-governmental organizations worldwide, which include women’s rights, human rights, migrant rights, and anti-trafficking organizations, as well as self-organized groups of migrant workers, domestic workers, sex workers, and survivors of human trafficking.

When GAATW came to me they had over 20 years of research and advocacy materials but no brand identity or web presence.

They wanted a visual identity and website that would not only reflect the vision of the organization but also let potential funders and other stakeholders know who they are and what they do. 

It was such an honour to work with their dedicated team of board members comprised of academics, leaders, and experts in their industry.

GAATW brand strategy and logo design in an iPad mockup
GAATW brand strategy and design in a 40 brand guideline book

“My favourite part of working with you again was observing the speed at which you can put ideas together to create something. Your work style (e.g., organized, the ease you meet deadlines) is sooooo easy for me to work with. Even though the timelines at the project outset seem ambitious, you totally make it work and less daunting and are flexible when challenges arise.

The website is accessible and people are surprised GAATW Canada is this far along in our development.”

–Alison Clancey, National Director, GAATW Canada

Alison Clancey - GAATW Canada
GAATW brand strategy and logo design in an iPad and iPhone mockup
GAATW brand strategy, logo, and website design

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