Tomorrow is my 35th birthday

by | Oct 22, 2014 | News

Tomorrow I turn 35 and I’m so stoked.

So far my 30s have been the best years of my life, and although there are still a lot of tough times, I am so happy to be alive! I am bloody STOKED for the next 5 years (and beyond). So I figure, with all this happiness, why don’t I write a list of things that I’m grateful for?

35 things I’m thankful for:

  1. The Beard. Love of my life, champion of my soul. Best friend, confidant, lover. I am so thankful for my husband.
  2. My sister. For reals. I have so much love for this woman. She is creative, talented, fiery, supportive, and keeps me accountable. xo Boo.
  3. Community. I’d be nowhere without my amazing community of family, friends, and fans!
  4. It’s my dream business and I so love it!!
  5. My clients. I am blessed to work with the most amazingly creative, hard-working, determined, and gifted folks. I pinch myself everyday.
  6. Fabulous hair. So. Much. Fun.
  7. Road trips. There is nothing better than hitting the road with a fully charged iPod and very little agenda. It engages my curiosity like nothing else and that feeds creativity. BONUS!
  8. Classic vacation vans for said road trips. Imagine having an entire VAN as a suitcase. Enough said.
  9. Tattoos. Self expression, permanently, gives me goosebumps.
  10. Layers. Because who doesn’t love layering a cozy cardi over a light shirt, pairing it with a sexy scarf, and finishing it off with a cute cropped jacket and a toque? HELLO, fall! Get in my wardrobe!
  11. Fall weather. Because layers. And sunshine. And leaves.
  12. Long walks in said weather. With layers and sunshine and leaves.
  13. Lavender essential oil. And peppermint. And vanilla. healing yumness.
  14. Sugar skulls. Obsessed.
  15. Candles. I have a small studio in the basement of our home. Candles not only add super awesome ambiance but can heat up my space much quicker than our inefficient furnace!!
  16. Books. Knowledge AND entertainment.
  17. Happiness. It’s the best feeling ever! I am so grateful for the moments that I feel happy.
  18. Hugs. Touch is healing.
  19. Succulents. Because I’m not so hot at remembering to water things!!
  20. Coffee. Keeps me going. That, and green smoothies.
  21. My iPhone. It helps me remember things. And take spontaneous photos of cool shit.
  22. Ambition. The strong desire to be someone greater, to touch someone’s life, to make an impact in this amazing life keeps me getting outta bed each morning and striving harder.
  23. Music. Because who doesn’t LOVE to dance along to sweet tunes while working/cleaning/hanging out!?!??!?
  24. Pickles. Obsessed. I love anything pickled. Beets, cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower. Love ’em all. If you’ve got a wicked pickling recipe, please pass it on.
  25. Photoshop + Illustrator = Creative tools I heart.
  26. WordPress. Another tool that makes my business whirl.
  27. Long weekends. The extra day just makes life so much more… enjoyable.
  28. Cozy socks. Because, rain. And Vancouver. And basement studios. I’d be really, really cold in my favourite season without cozy socks.
  29. Sequins. I love how I feel in sequins. They make me feel fabulous. And glamorous. Like I’m dancing on the top of a freakin mountain without the climbing and sweat.
  30. Hydrangeas. And babies breath. I love the tiny little petals all bunched together. Plus flowers on my desk make me feel special.
  31. The internet. Because, my job.
  32. Laughter. BEST. Medicine. EVER.
  33. Memory. Powerful.
  34. Waterproof mascara. Because when I think of all the things I’m grateful for, I cry.
  35. Me. Last but certainly not least, I’m pretty damn grateful for me. For not giving up on myself, for learning to love myself, and for pushing for greatness. Thanks, me!

Can you share in the gratitude fest? What are YOU thankful for today?