What’s on my bookshelf

by | Oct 15, 2014 | Strategy


I love the way they look, feel, and smell. I like having stacks and stacks of them on my desk, beside my bed, and on the shelves that line my walls. I love to devour a whimsical book while studying a business book and meditating on a self-help book. All at once. Well, not literally all at once, but you know what I mean.

Here’s a list of what’s on my go-to reading list:

thxthxthx: Thank Goodness for Everything by Leah Dieterich

Whimsical yet poignant, this little book is perfect for a coffee table or (erm) powder room, where reading comes in… small doses. Ms. Dieterich started being thankful on her blog and it spilled out into this hilarious book. A good read when I’m feeling grumpy.


The Design Activist’s Handbook by Noah Scalin + Michelle Taute

The Design Activist’s Handbook is an inspiring manifesto that challenges designers to make conscious choices and realize how all the decisions designers make impact other people and the planet. It’s a super kick in the pants with lots of actionable ideas and examples. Love it!!


The Logo Brainstorm Book by Jim Krause

This is a pretty simple book that I love to kick-start my creative juices. Instead of searching online (and sometimes falling into a comparison trap), I find it’s best to reset my creativity by looking at nature, shakin’ my groove to music, or flipping through a good book. And this book has tons of simple inspiration!


Be Awesome at Online Business by Paul Jarvis

If you have a website, want a website, or will be creating a website, READ. THIS. BOOK. As the title states, Paul will teach you how to be awesome at online business. From defining your business to critiquing mock ups, to writing content, to marketing, this book is one of the simplest and most effective resources for website owners.


The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte

How do you want to feel? Ms. Laporte revolutionizes decision making and goal setting by asking that one, simple question. It’s amazing how much your life can change when you make decisions based on how you want to feel at the core of your being. Mind blowing.


Paul Rand Inspires me

Paul Rand by Steven Heller

This book was given to me in 1999 when I started my first design venture, OrangeKat Studios (don’t even ask about the spelling – I have no idea). That was back when I spent hours at an all-night Denny’s drinking too much coffee and flipping through the giant hard cover book for inspiration, which I would then amalgamate into my designs that started on paper napkins and ended in film portfolio prints. Oh, how times have changed.


Your turn. What’s on your reading list right now?