Book Review | Be Awesome at Online Business

by | May 27, 2015 | Strategy

Being awesome at online business can seem pretty darn daunting at times.

As Paul Jarvis puts it “there’s a lack of understanding about what’s involved in creating, launching, and maintaining an online business.” So he wrote a sweet little book that teaches folks just that; how to Be Awesome at Online Business. This book is a must-have for anyone who does business online. And that’s pretty much everyone these days. Even if you don’t have a website yet, your business probably exists on Google Places, Yelp, or some other online venue.


I recommend Be Awesome at Online Business to all my clients, and here’s why:

Paul’s a pretty successful web designer, author, and now mentor to freelancers like me. And you know what elements he finds in common with all of his clients who run successful online businesses?

  1. They all have ONE clear goal.
  2. They hire and lean on the experience of other professionals (copywriters, designers, photographers, etc), and don’t try to do everything themselves nor assume that they know how to do someone else’s job.
  3. They are both passionate and expert at what they do and build authenticity into their brand everywhere.
  4. They put time and effort in to not only get to know their audiences, but build relationships with them and create valuable, relevant content.
  5. They do the work.

Within that framework, the book digs into HOW those 5 elements can be achieved by everyone online. From how to define your goals, to creating and engaging with an audience, to driving traffic and sales, Be Awesome at Online Business shows you how. Heck, it even includes awesome worksheets & checklists at the end of some chapters. Bonus!

In sum, it’s a super quick and easy read, a reference manual if you will, that teaches you the number one thing you need to know to succeed online: Do less and focus more.