Your Website Will Never Be Finished

by | May 25, 2016 | Strategy

Have you ever gotten close to the end of a creative project for your business–web design or otherwise–and suddenly felt that it was all wrong and you needed to pick it apart and make tiny tweaks in order to get it “perfect”?

You may have experienced something common to many online entrepreneurs—launch paralysis.

It’s not about making the font size slightly bigger for that header or making that brand color slightly lighter. It’s not about whether to add another social sharing widget or change the text in your call to action. It isn’t even about the new idea for another digital product that you just had.

It’s about fear: fear of showing up in a new way online, fear of being vulnerable, fear of having to market yourself.

Here’s the hard truth: your website is never going to be finished.

Especially now that way we market and test websites, everything is dynamic and fluid. The site you launch with now will probably look very different in a year.

Websites are works-in-progress—there’s always a new sales page to write, a lead magnet to add, a plug-in incompatibility, and so on. You’ll decide to remove an offering, change your copy based on split testing, or decide on a new blog category after watching analytics for a few months.

There’s no “done” with websites. They’re not like building a piece of furniture. There’s something to do every day.

Perfectionism is procrastination and often arrives disguised as fear. Progress is better than perfection.

Instead of holding yourself back because you don’t have a website like that particular Internet guru or a certain number of subscribers on your email list, focus instead of consistently showing up and staying connected to your Most Valued Customer.

You’ll enjoy running your business so much more if you focus on the process instead of a perfect outcome.

When you stop focusing on the “if only” and focus on being present, you’ll find so much more happiness in your daily life. And that matters.

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Your website will never be finished