For the Overwhelmed, Burnt-out (yet Savvy) Service Providers: This One’s for You

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Strategy

You started out the way many people do when they transition from full-time employment to working independently—by offering the skill you used to provide for “The Man” in a one-to-one service.

You’ve been doing it that way from the beginning, though if you’re honest with yourself right now, you’re feeling a bit burned out, overwhelmed, and resentful of due dates and new client inquiries and the simple fact that you’re not making money unless you’re working.

You’ve completely hit a ceiling with both your earning potential and the number of hours in a day available for work.

I’m here with some good news: It is possible to offer value to your audience and sell your services outside of the one-to-one context.

You can turn your one-to-one service into a leveraged income product that frees up more of your time and makes you more money.


Here are three different ideas for turning your one-to-one service into a product:

1. Digital Book

You can consolidate the content, exercises, and client homework that you offer in a one-to-one service and turn it into a digital book. This allows you to create a highly accessible product with a low cost and low barrier to entry. (People are comfortable buying a book from someone before they get to know the person which is very different from the lead nurturing required for a one-to-one service.) Plus, a book broadens your audience in a major way, allowing you to reach larger amounts of people than you would ever be able to with a one-to-one service.

2. Group Workshop

Take your current one-to-one service and offer it in a group setting. This allows you to make more money in less time because you’re serving more people. And the benefits to your clients are fantastic: people get to hear about others’ experiences (which often generates ideas for their own businesses), the cohort bonding leads to decreased feelings of isolation and overwhelm, and there’s a strong sense of empowerment in building community and supporting each other.

3. Online Course

Another option for turning your one-to-one service into a product is creating a course. You can document your one-to-one process and take customers through the same steps through video, audio, and/or written content. It allows more people to get the same kind of results as they would in your one-to-one work – thereby building your business value and your audience size.

With each of these product options, you would create it once, and then simply continue to market it in order to bring in the revenue.

You can start the process of turning your one-to-one service into a leveraged income product by documenting one of your services.Write down or do a voice recording of everything you do for a client in this one-to-one service—no detail is too small.

Start to look for portions of your process that could naturally group together as a module/lesson/section for a group workshop or online course. Identify the piece that your most valuable customer struggles with or that delivers a big “win” for the client for an ebook or lead magnet.

It’s time for you to meet your most valuable client where she or he is at, while also leveraging your time and business revenue by turning your one-to-one services into a product!

Do you have a one-to-one service you’d love to turn into a product? Is it time to monetize your work on a larger scale?

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For the Overwhelmed, Burnt-out (yet Savvy) Service Providers: This One’s for You