You’re So Much More Than Your Title

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Strategy

Comparison-itis, n.

An infectious mindset that comes on when we don’t feel strong in ourselves and our offerings; leads to duplicating other people’s shit.

Do you have any idea how amazing you are?

This is not me being sarcastic or filling in the role of your mama. This is not about me at all.

This is about you, and pausing to appreciate the individual human being that you are.

You have a rich lifetime full of experience. You’re a tapestry of experience, compassion, and adventure. (I know it’s true without even meeting you, because you’re here.)

You’ve got knowledge, yo.

And so my question to you today is this:

Are you letting yourself truly be seen by your audience as the whole person you are?

You’re not just a nutritionist or a health coach or a yoga teacher.

You are so much more than the title. You’ve got deep knowledge about your industry—and you also have knowledge that’s seemingly unrelated to your business.

You’re curious about your customers—and you’re curious about so many other things in the world, too.

The secret that most people don’t talk about is that you’re happier when you’re able to be yourself in your business, and bring your whole self to your business.

After all, that’s probably one of the things that bummed you out about working a day job—you had to be “professional” all the time and it was exhausting.

This is your business. You get to show up however you want.

And your audience and your fans and your clients and your customers who don’t yet know they’re going to be your customers need you to be as excited and confident about your work and what you have to offer as possible.

Because the secret is that the more you are yourself—and no one else—the more you attract the kind of work that is the perfect fit for you.

And isn’t that what we all want more of?

When you need a shot of confidence, browse through your testimonials. Ask your close friends what their favorite thing about you is, or what you undervalue that they think you should celebrate more.

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Comparisonitis. It's a thing. You're so much more.