How to Find Focus at the Internet Info-Product Buffet

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Strategy

Raise your hand if you suffer from shiny-object syndrome.

If your hand is raised right now (ignore the side eye you’re getting from the guy in the coffee shop where you’re working), you’re not alone. My hand is raised right next to you sister!

There are SO MANY new courses, step-by-step programs, ebooks, plugins, widgets, software options, and marketing strategies out there on the Internet right now.

How many unread and unused PDFs and course materials are sitting on your computer hard drive right now?

It’s a veritable buffet of options; the problem is that it’s not a buffet that takes your unique passions and strengths into account.

I know you have a growth mindset and are constantly on the lookout for the next thing that will propel your business forward. Which is awesome. And it’s super easy to get excited about an info-product that could potentially change the course of your business trajectory for you.

But it’s overwhelming and distracting—and your hard-earned dollars deserve better than that.

I’m so tired of women’s ideas being made small by formulaic programs, a lack of strategic planning, and no systems support.

It would be one thing if all these info-products were getting you results. But if you’re honest with yourself, results are probably the exception rather than the rule.

Big results start with targeted actions. When you begin to focus your digital strategy, you can stop throwing away money on the things that don’t work—and funnel it into education and activities with a better ROI for you.

Instead of spending your time and money on more info products, how about spending some time getting to better know your strengths, your business, and your Most Valued Customer?

How about creating a marketing plan that allows you to pay attention to only the most important things and ignore everything else?

One thing I’ve noticed in my almost 20 years of interwebs experience is that people often struggle to leverage their websites in growing their businesses. This is often due to a disconnect between their online presence and their current business model.

When this happens, even the smartest biz owners don’t get the potential return on investment a stunning custom website can create. (And that makes me sad.)

The solution? Integrating keen self-knowledge with a digital strategy. It’s a power-winning combo that keeps you focused on what matters and gives you clear direction.

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