On Internalizing Outlandish Marketing Noise

by | May 4, 2016 | Strategy

Here’s what I want you to know: If you’re overwhelmed with running your business and can’t handle the outlandish marketing noise on the Internet right now… you’re not alone.

There are “gurus” out there who tell you to feel the right vibrations and then you’ll be abundant.

There is email list size shame that seeps into your confidence about your business.

There are income reports from bloggers who are making thousands every month masked as transparency but come off as humble brags.

The maxim “do what you love” has become so prevalent that if what you do ends up being work, hard bloody work, you start doubting yourself.

I’m sending all of you who are experiencing this a virtual hug.

Because business can be tough, and the second you stop loving it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. It just means that the grueling (or onerous, mundane, insert your word here) part of business happened. It’s OK to not love every aspect of what you do 100% of the time.

Sometimes it’s just work and it sucks.

But the cool thing about being an online business owner is that you have a bit more freedom to step away when you need to. Because there’s something wrong if you’re getting your entire fulfillment from your business.

Yes, your business can be fulfilling but no, it doesn’t have to be the sole source of that feeling.

I see so many of us internalizing entrepreneurial pressure and marketing noise as opposed to reaching out to others for support.

This messaging tells us that if we find that secret formula, if we duplicate a specific website design, if we squeeze ourselves into a specific mold, if we can change our personhood into something exceptional, then–only then–will we succeed at online business. I call bullshit.

For example, I’m a female entrepreneur who hustles, but I try to take my weekends off (no email!) and truly enjoy that time. That’s not something I think everyone should do, it’s just something that works for me and a boundary I had to set up early on so that I could maintain my offline relationships.

I care deeply about my people and how I “show up” for them.

I can always tell when I’m getting sucked into the noisy marketing lie when I find myself working on the weekends, comparing myself to others, hustling harder and still feeling crappy about my efforts–and missing the hell outta my IRL women. I need that precious reboot time with my “real” life.

Today I’m encouraging you to be mindful about who you’re paying attention to and how you’re letting them into your psyche (and email and social media feeds).


Comparison is quicksand.

You’re so rad and you’ve got so much to offer. Don’t let all the internet marketing noise distract you and make you feel shitty about yourself as a person or what you’re doing with your business.

If the noisy empowerment marketing is getting you down, I’ve created a space where you can open up about the tough stuff and we can hold each other accountable to our true potential.

An Online Impact Accelerator where you can help to foster a collective who can stay present for you when you’re facing the shadows, and who are committed to reminding you of your light.

Let’s band together. You’re not alone.

why do we internalize outlandish marketing noise?