Tired of Pushing Yourself to Reach Metrics Someone Told You Mattered?

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Strategy

Sometimes scrolling through your social media feeds and clicking on a link to a similar business owner’s website can be inspiring, and motivate you to continue on your business path.

And sometimes it can feel like shit.

The fast pace of the Internet can make you feel like you’re doing online business wrong if you haven’t achieved your revenue goals in your first six months or built your email list to 10,000 by the first year.

Yes, numbers matter in business. But let’s not pretend that numbers are the only sign of success.

Focusing relentlessly on numbers draws your attention away from other signs of growth.

How would it feel to instead make quality connections and have integral interactions?

What if you adopted a different mindset for growing your business? The slow burn.


The Myth of Overnight Success

On the Internet, it seems like there are countless stories of people who have achieved success with their business very quickly (and by quickly I mean one year or less).

You see snippets of the best versions of these business owners—their peak revenue months, subscribers and followers, or lifestyle moments.

It appears instantaneous and easy, summed up with a well-cropped photo or post copy filled with exclamation points.

But the truth is that those people have done a lot of work. They’ve often been working longer and harder than we know or they let on.

And they don’t show the crushing moments. The doubts, the fears, the insecurities. (Or they do and they’re presented in order to sell something.)

They don’t show the unsexy work that’s required and how showing up day after day whether they want to or not is what produced the results.


Appearance Versus Reality

Social media can be a wonderful tool for connection and community. It can also perpetuate an appearance that does not match reality.

That stunning selfie of that lifestyle entrepreneur may have taken 67 photos and three filters just to get that one.

Those 10,000 Facebook fans may have been growing since the dawn of Facebook Pages.

That six-figure product launch may have cost that business owner close to the same amount to produce as she made in actual revenue.


You Build a Business Person by Person

The reality of the slow burn business building method is not flashy. There’s no ten-step method guaranteed to make you six figures by the end of this year.

You build your business by making honest and integral connections with folks.

You build your business by having multiple quality interactions with the people you want to serve over time.

You build your business person by person.

It’s more important to talk to two people whose lives could be changed by you than 500 people whose problem you can’t solve.

If you’re tired of pushing yourself to achieve certain metrics in your business that someone else has told you mattered — and may not actually impact your results or your bottom line — there’s another way. The slow burn approach.

When you get radically focused in your strategy you’ll have:

  • clarity in the direction of your business
  • purpose in each decision you make
  • and confidence in yourself as a business owner

And you’ll never be distracted by metrics that don’t matter again.

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Tired of Pushing Yourself to Reach Metrics Someone Told You Mattered?