What the Women I Admire Know About Success

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Strategy

The business of entrepreneurism is a lonely endeavour.

You’re responsible for the incalculable big and small decisions that need to be made on the daily in order to keep things running.

As much as you can hire the right people and find excellent support that makes you feel as if you must have done something wonderful in a past life to deserve it, you’re still the one who cares the MOST about this dream of yours.

There are three things I’ve noticed about the most successful entrepreneurs, the women I admire who are completely rocking it with integrity and grace.

People Aren’t Mind Readers

I know you know this intellectually. But do you still sometimes wish or expect the people around you magically knew exactly what you are feeling and what you need from them?

In my experience, the people who love you want to support you. They want to see you succeed beyond your wildest fantasies and really knock it outta the park.

But we don’t tell people about what we need and want because we’re scared of being rejected or judged or thought of as weak or incapable or, or, or.

People can’t support you if they don’t know what you need and want.

Successful entrepreneurs tell people what they need and want.

Choose Your Support Wisely

At the same time, not everyone is well suited for supporting us in every single endeavor or situation.

There are probably a few people in your life who have your back no matter what—partners, siblings, parents, best friends.

Or maybe those groups include the relationships that are the most fraught for you.

Only you know. You know, based on past experience and your intuition, which people to go to for support.

I have a core group of folks and then I have certain people that I go to intentionally for specific kinds of support.

Successful entrepreneurs know who to lean on when.

The early stages of a project or dream are particularly vulnerable to naysayers and people afraid of change or risk. Seek support accordingly.

When you need help with strategy or tactics, there are certain people who have results-based expertise to share with you. And there are others who just talk a good game. Seek support accordingly.

Vulnerability Matters, Too

Here’s what the research tells us about vulnerability: when you are vulnerable with another human (who has your best interests at heart and isn’t a sociopath), it leads to increased intimacy and better relationships.

Many of us would benefit from more intimate relationships.

Successful entrepreneurs know that their relationships—not isolation—has led to some of their biggest wins.

  • You crave a trusted place to go with your questions and fears so you can stop spinning your wheels and feel confident in your dreams again.
  • You crave recommendations and “I’ve so been there” affirmations so you can stop wasting precious time and money.
  • You crave people to help you celebrate that win (so you don’t feel weird for opening that bottle of champagne by yourself at 3 p.m.).

Consider this post encouragement to go out and intentionally create that circle for your business and your well-being.

If you’ve been facing isolation while building this business of yours and dreaming about what it would look like to have the meaningful, real support from a small, curated group of other women business owners—you’re in luck.

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What the Women I Admire Know About Success