Scaredcited by Your Dreams? You’re on the Right Track.

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Strategy

To desire is to be human.

There are commonalities between the things we wish for ourselves, our families and friends, and our communities.

And yet there is also no one just like you. There is no one who has your exact, particular perspective on the world.

The more you give yourself permission to embrace your uniqueness, the more astonishing the effects on your life and your business can be.

Those Quiet Desires You Hold Inside

You know the ones I’m talking about…

They’re the ones that snap to focus in an instant for you. The ones that demand your attention. The ones that have stayed with you since you were a young girl—before someone told you who you were supposed to be and you just intuitively knew your essence.

You are holding quiet, secret desires inside you right now. You can feel them in your body. They feel differently than other things you feel in your body. They feel alive, a spark within you.

They’re familiar—you’re intimate with the desire of these dreams—and yet foreign—because they haven’t become a living, breathing thing in the world yet.

They make you feel a little bit scared, a little bit excited. Scaredcited.

Feeling Scaredcited Means You’re on the Right Track

Being unsure of the outcome of a particular dream, not knowing exactly how it will all come together or happen for you is not a sign that your dream isn’t worth pursuing.

In fact, feeling intimidated by the enormity of what this dream means to you, what it could mean for your life if it were to be birthed into reality, means that it’s probably important enough to spend your precious time on.

We’re not scared or excited by safe options. We’re scaredcited by the things that require trust.

We’re intimidated by not having all the answers in advance or by a lack of knowledge about something like technology, and we use those things as an excuse for not moving forward.

You’re not ridiculous for wanting what you want. Your most meaningful dreams will certainly require a leap of faith at some point.

Trust Your Dreams

Too often I talk with women who second-guess the desires they have for their business.

Somewhere along the line in your life, someone probably told you that it was “unrealistic” or “crazy” or “not logical” to pursue something you wanted to pursue. Maybe it was many people or maybe it was just one person who held a lot of power over you. Either way, you learned that you had to lower your expectations and fit your desires into a box someone else carved for you.

This is a call to renew trust in your dreams.

You want what you want for your business and your life for a specific reason. You may not know what that reason is until you begin taking steps toward that desire. But it’s yours.

Your dreams are waiting for you to manifest them. To bring life and colour into their bones. To heed the call that has been sent just for you.

I’d love to support you with that dream you have for your business.

I’ve created a new space where you can open up about the tough stuff and we can hold each other accountable to our true potential. Where you can help to foster a collective who can stay present for you when you’re a little scaredcited, and who are committed to reminding you of your desires.

What we can achieve when we’re alone is amazing. But what we can achieve together is incredible.

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Let’s support each other in making these dreams happen!

are you scaredcited? GOOD.