The Cost of Isolation in Business Ownership

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Strategy

It’s the thing that no guru talks about when they’re touting the benefits of location independent, being-your-own-boss, sticking it-to-the-Man freedom.

It’s the secret that gets hidden behind Instagram photos and Facebook updates where everyone’s businesses appear so serene. So… perfect. (Yours does too, remember?)

This Is What We Don’t Show

The isolation that comes from spending more time looking at a screen than into the eyes of people you love.

The loneliness that wells up when we spend hours and hours fixing a tech snafu that no one but us will ever know about.

The feeling that no one else in the world sees how hard you work, how much you do, and how many decisions you make each and every day, in service of your dream.

These experiences get hidden away or pushed down even though they’re something so many entrepreneurs face. They’re shared in conversations that happen late at night and early in the morning where entrepreneurs gather—conferences, coffee shops, retreats—often whispered, confessional, hidden.

And they’re compounded by the extra pressure that the health and wellness industry puts on us. Those perfectly curated images of nutritious meals, sunlit yoga sessions, and thoughtfully-designed houses can seem so far away from the messy, tangled reality of our own homes and lives.

We’re Craving Something Different

I wouldn’t change running my business and doing what I love—serving sassy, dynamic woman as passionate as I am—for the world. If you’re here, you probably feel the same way.

But I’ve heard so many of us sharing the same stories that I’ve realised when we do set out on our own, a lot of us end up in the same place on the business trail.

Isolated. And spinning our wheels.

We’re craving something that all the morning meditations and heart-open journaling in the world won’t solve: Genuine, deep connection with folks in the same trenches we are.

We’re craving meaningful experiences with people who get what it means to take a risk and follow your heart… AND are able to talk about the nitty-gritty stuff like sales funnels, list building, and branding in a way that only people doing the same thing we are understand.

We yearn for the kind of quick transformation that can occur when you’re about to lean on someone else’s experience, learn from their mistakes, and hear their tales of caution.

The relief in knowing you don’t have to figure it all out yourself.

We find ourselves hungry for accountability—someone to ask us how that new software worked out for us, or find out whether we ever did get around to finishing that new opt-in. To cheer when we reach a new goal, to remind us of our greatness when we’re feeling small.

Transformation Will Not Come From Another Facebook Group

So often, the noise of social media feels overwhelming rather than supportive. We get “out there” to market our businesses and grow connections, and it’s like being in a crowded, echo-y cafeteria with one hundred simultaneous conversations going on at once.

What we really want is an intimate coffee date in a wood-paneled room. A table across which we can lean in and listen closely, a group small enough that your voice can be heard and your brilliance can be seen.

The truth is, some things don’t change however far technology advances, and one of those things is how we flourish: when we’re in the company of other people who share similar goals, but bring diverse experience, different worldviews, and unique training.

It’s in these powerful, genuine connections that real transformation can occur.

I’ve created a new space where you can open up about the tough stuff and we can hold each other accountable to our true potential. Where you can help to foster a collective who can stay present for you when you’re facing the shadows, and who are committed to reminding you of your light.

What we can achieve when we’re alone is amazing. But what we can achieve together is incredible.

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